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Fire Roasted Yaupon

Fire Roasted Yaupon

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Dried and roasted over an open flame, this organic pure Yaupon holly has a delicious smoky flavour and bold character. A perfect start to the day.

This technique is inspired by the native Timucua people of Florida who used this preparation method for thousands of years in traditional ceremonial gatherings.

Yaupon contains an abundance of antioxidants, around 1/3 the caffeine of coffee, and to top it off, it's delicious!

Brewing Tips

While it's nearly impossible to over-steep Yaupon because it lacks tannins, we recommend the following brewing for the best cup!

  • Heat water to 100°C/212°F
  • Brew for 5-10 minutes
  • Re-steep up to 3 times


Organic Fire Roasted Yaupon Holly*

*Wild harvested in Florida using a regenerative agriculture model that focuses on the Yaupon Holly as a sustainable native crop.

🌱  All organic ingredients

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