Our Story

A Look Inside

Hi, we're Eric and Nicole, the co-founders of The Tea Drawer. Our story starts in a rather unexpected place: Eric's teenage bedroom, specifically, the bottom drawer of his dresser. Don't worry, it wasn't filled with anything alarming. The usual suspects - shirts, pants, socks - were all accounted for. But if you ventured further down, you'd encounter a surprising sight.

A World of Herbs

No, not the kind that might worry your parents. This was a vibrant collection of herbs, from the subtle earthiness of oolongs to the bright citrus of lemon balm. Greens, florals, and everything in between - at any given time, you'd find around 50 different varieties nestled in that drawer. Eric was, you could say, obsessed.

The Tea Drawer

Over time, that particular dresser drawer became affectionately known as the "herb drawer" or the "tea drawer" to family and friends. Nestled in the heart of rural Pennsylvania, it was a tiny, personal apothecary.

Fast forward several years. As we brainstormed a name for our online tea store, Eric's sister asked a simple question: "Remember your old tea drawer?" And just like that, a collective smile lit up the room. It was a name that embodied our journey and our passion - The Tea Drawer.

Enter Yaupon

Nicole and Eric came across Yaupon while flipping through an old history book about North America. In a short passage that could easily escape notice, was a brief mention of Yaupon as a coffee substitute during the Civil War. This seemingly mundane detail made us want to explore further.

Eric's undergraduate studies in anthropology and Nicole's passion for wildlife conservation had instilled a shared belief: history is the bridge that connects us to our collective human story. Whether it's through song, story, food, or even tea, the echoes of the past weave a tapestry of who we are and where we come from.

While we savour the aroma of green tea and the comforting warmth of coffee, Yaupon seemed like something that directly tied us to our land. It wasn't just a beverage; it was a sip of history.

And what's better than experiencing a bit of history for yourself? We hope you'll join us on this journey and discover the unique flavour of Yaupon tea. After all, sharing stories and experiences is what connects us, and that's what The Tea Drawer is all about.