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The Tea Drawer



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Discover a new world of clarity with the uplifting warmth of Yaupon combined with a carefully selected blend of cognitive enhancing herbs. Blue Pea Flower adds a slight blue tint to each cup, making it a tea friends and family will want to ask you about!

This blend works with plants and herbs that have been used for hundreds of years by Indigenous cultures. Learn more about our commitment to giving back.

Brewing Tips

We recommend the following brewing for the best cup!

  • Heat water to 90°C/194°F
  • Brew for 5-10 minutes


Green Yaupon*, Lemon Verbena, Brahmi, Gingko Leaf, Blue Pea Flower, Gotu Kola, Rosemary

*Wild harvested in Florida using a regenerative agriculture model that focuses on the Yaupon Holly as a sustainable native crop.

🌱 All organic ingredients

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